Into the mystic


Nevada / Arizona / Utah

October 2012


The titel of this folder refers to the song from Van Morrison on his album Moondance.

There's also a story behind it. I was thinking for a while about what titel this photo trip should have.

I kept thinking about early songs of Van Morrision like 'Moondance', 'Astral Weeks' and 'Into the mystic'.

I was standing in the dark on a parking lot in Seligman/Arizona taking the night shots ...

 Variety Store Wall       

Night wall in Seligman  

The secret door            

... and in the background you could hear a ball room  fight in the 'Black Cat Saloon' taking place.

That was exciting, especially when the police car came into the picture.

And when in this very moment the juke box started playing 'Into the mystic' from Van Morrison in the distance - what would you

have picked as a titel for this trip? It was mystic and a sign from heaven as I figured.

I even got a movie about it. Click on the picture link below.


Here's the movie about it  (MP4 - 13.4 Mb)