Galicia & Asturia

In love with old churches and wild horses

July 2014

... and falling in love with France in the second half.

 Thank you Honda for your support. It has been a pleasure !

Shackleton - You were doing great. I trust you !


I was fortunate to meet two photographers in Sabucedo - Tono Arias and Cristobal Hara

Tono is a local artist living and working in Pontevedra - please have a look at his site at


Cristobal was living in Northern Germany in the past and speaks fluently German

Christobal - Thank you for the evening conversation. It was extremely interesting and I learned a few things about the background of the 'Rapa de Bastia'

Tragic that so many horses died last winter

He published several books at STEIDL - I just ordered his autobiography

 Thank you Bill - Like to be there again