Since most of the few people that ever look at my site think this is a nice picture -

let me tell you a bit more about it. Every picture tells a story.

 I took a little break on a parking lot thinking that I might turn around to stay in the fancy Parador nearby that I just passed by. Right beside was

the house of this little old lady. Being without the camera at this very moment I saw her checking the flowers in her rather wild garden.

It looked like an excellent moment for a picture - but before I could drag out the camera she was gone back to her little house. But I figured

she might come back. And she did. I like to take pictures of older people. At first they very often show character and then they mostly don't realize

that somebody is taking pictures at all. The same here. I had all the time to aim the 70-200 tele lens and take 10 or 15 pictures.

Later on I was able to have a quick peak at the entrance from the other side and saw how simple she lives. A little kitchen and a very cozy

living room with lots of pictures from the past. But here garden probably is her greatest love now that she is living on her own.

Nothing spectacular growing there. You would not win a price in a British garden competition. But you could sense that that she just loves every

tiny plant there is. But look at the terrain she is covering. Here is a picture how careful she has to move around among the rough stones.

These stones look like if they were part of another building that was standing on her property a long time ago.

So 'Thank you' for giving me the oportunity to show you how somebody with her age can handle a garden that looks like a battle field.