Japan 2017

5th of October - 19th of October 2017


Night pictures from Hamamatsu and Fukoroi
Inspired by the work of the Japanese Photographer Nakazato Katsuhito as seen at the Deutsch-Japanische Center in Berlin
  The Toyota Automobile Museum
Nagakuke City, Aichi Prefecture
Special Thanks to Motoya and Yoko for leading the way to see it. Absolutely amazing!       www.toyota.co.jp/museum
  The Meiji-Mura Museum
Uchiyama, Aichi Prefecture
Relocated Buildings from the Meiji Period assembled in a park area      www.meijimura.com
  The Kasuisai Sōtō Zen Monastery
Fukuroi, Shizuoka Prtefecture
A privilege to be there and have the opportunity to take pictures
  Daido-in Temple, Okuni and Akiha Shrine
Municipality Mori
Special Thanks to Mister and Misses Harada for showing us these two locations. Much appritiated.
  The 8th Handa Floats Festival (Dai-Hachi-kai Handa Dashi Matsuri)
Handa City, Aichi Prtefecture
Only every fife years the 31 Dashi Floats of Handa-City are taken from their storage for the Handa Festival
  The Silk Road Museum
Near Hamamatsu
Private museum with a unique collection devoted to the Silk Road
  The Tea Room Hotel
In the mountains North of Hamamatsu
Thank you for the invitation