Japan 2018

The Wedding in Kyoto

 19. November - 1.December  2018


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    The Arrival
Some night pictures and the visit to Kyoto to see
the hotel and the wedding location
    The Wedding
Shinto Wedding at the Kamigamo-jinja Shrine in Kyoto
The experience that I will never forget
    The former Emperor Palace in Kyōto
Imperial Palace and Sento Imperial Palace
Beautyful in Autuum
    Afternoon in the Emperor Garden
Autuum Leaves, Senior Photo Group, Ballpark and a Family Gathering
All on a sunny day with almost spring temperatures
    The Ginkakuji Temple
Garden and Silver Pavilion
On a gray day without the chance to take good pictures of the temple itself
  The Kinkakuji Temple
Garden and Gold Pavilion
Very crowded, but I had my lucky fife minutes with sunshine for the temple picture
    The City of Kyoto
A personal view
Some of the spots that caught my attention
    The Ryoanji Temple
A spiritual experience
t was too late to see is all
    Beauty in Decay
Abandoned Buildings, Facade Details and Structures
My personal favorites
    The Antique Book Shop
The shop and the friendly owner
nside a barber shop
    The Departure
The Millennials Hotel
High above Siberia